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North Taranaki

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Taranaki lowland native forest is rich, vibrant, and wonder-filled. It is incredibly invigorating. Spending time amidst the enormous tawa, kohekohe, and pukatea trees, as well as the thick, lively green undergrowth, deeply affects me, serving as a profound source of inspiration. My artwork explores the potential of painting while questioning the traditional notion of 'landscape'. These are environmental paintings that emphasise local ecology and interconnectedness with nature. With their fusion of personal expression and local plant symbolism, the paintings offer viewers multiple layers of meaning to interpret and explore. I hope visitors feel my emotional bond with the lowland forest, inspiring contemplation on their connection with native plants. Recognising kohekohe trees would be a bonus. Additionally, I aim to shift perceptions, encouraging an intimate appreciation of the forest's diversity and liveliness.

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