Krismarlianti Donaldson


30 Ngatai Street




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022 1696151
URL: Visit Website


Studio will be open for the full 10 days

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South Taranaki

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Krismarlianti also known as Kris is an Indonesian artist who is based in Manaia, Taranaki. Kris’s artwork is the articulation of her unique perspective and belief about life and humans through the vibrant vivid colours of oil paints, spontaneous lines, and raw brush strokes. Kris grew up in a multicultural environment, which led her to a unique perspective on human life and condition. The Raw life stories that she experienced when she lived in Indonesia had a strong influence on her art process. Her artworks invite us to think deeply and shamelessly about life, humanity, and ourselves. They ask us questions about our lives, our relationship with others and the universe. Therefore, she gives the freedom to the viewer to experience their emotion through her paintings without any interference

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