Henriette Reason


33 Devon Street West




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021 1375635
URL: Visit Website


Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Toilet facilities available

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North Taranaki

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Henriette Reason began her painting journey around 25 years ago, starting out with the lovely rich, buttery texture of oil paints and still enjoys creating landscapes with her oils and palette knives. Yet these days her main focus is on fluid acrylics. This medium proved to be a revelation for Henriette, as it allowed her to embrace a greater sense of freedom and experimentation in her art. Working with fluid acrylics is a challenging and messy process and the results can be highly unpredictable. However, it is also incredibly fun and exciting, and Henriette is constantly surprised by the unique outcomes that occur. It brings Henriette great joy to share her artistic journey with others and to see the impact that her creations have on viewers. She is continually inspired by the beauty of the world around her and strives to convey that through her art.

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