Gaye Atkinson


19 Gover Street




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 06 7581020


Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Wheelchair accessible

Toilet facilities available

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Gaye Atkinson's award winning Raku pottery is based on an ancient Japanese method for firing famous ceremonial tea bowls. However, her interpretation is more in line with the American, metaphorical adaptation. Both of these low firing processes involve extracting the pot out of the (outside) kiln at up to 1000C and placing it in a bin of combustibles such as sawdust, newspaper or dried vegetable matter. The air is cut off to force the smoke to penetrate the work giving it the uniqueness that only comes with this technique. She works in series, currently most are either in her 'Antiquity' or 'Erosion' ranges. Major influences on these works are ancient artefacts, landscapes and/or our rocky, volcanic terrain. The ancient vessels or 'relic baskets' are particularly suited to the metallic oxides in her glazes while she often lets just the smoke enhance the textured raw clay with a minimum of glaze usually on the inside of an erosion piece. The traditional crackle glazes are hard to resist for a raku potter and Gaye Atkinson is no exception so many of these are included in her exhibits.

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