Carmel Boone


1154c Surf Highway 45


Mixed Media


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 027 5923320
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Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Toilet facilities available

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West Taranaki

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I was a therapist who's art was with words, when my four-year-old son and I spent a month 6,000 miles apart. This would be his first trip of many. I needed a new kind of personal therapy; so I surrendered to the heed of iNiTiATiON—a 48x60inch acrylic, mixed media—and was schlepped through it’s portal, to paint a new reality. I have since become a self guided, mixed media, contemporary abstract artist most profoundly inspired by the unfurling pace of nature, emotions and what flows through my own source connection. A purée of doubt, joy, uncertainty and timelessness paves it's seductive path through my home which has become studio, sanctuary, cocoon… and the womb of my crone and her art.

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