Ava Meek


4 Kapu Grove
Whalers Gate


Mixed Media


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0274343481
URL: Visit Website


Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Wheelchair accessible

Art Trail

North Taranaki

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Nestled within her garden studio, Ava takes joy in revitalising worn or damaged items. Guided by her innate creativity and skilled craftsmanship, she breathes new life into broken plates and unassuming sculptures, transforming them into captivating mosaic artworks. Her creations range from whimsical garden manikins and elegant urns to decorative pavers and intricate garden picture art. Notably, Ava's diverse portfolio predominantly features pieces crafted from recycled materials, showcasing her commitment to sustainability. Each creation tells a unique story of renewal, blending creativity with environmental consciousness. Through her art, Ava invites others to appreciate the beauty of repurposing and the transformative power of creativity. In her garden sanctuary, she finds solace and inspiration, creating pieces that not only adorn outdoor spaces but also resonate with the ethos of renewal and sustainability.

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