Pippa Lugg


15A Fitzroy Road




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021 2256649
URL: Visit Website


Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Toilet facilities available

Art Trail

North Taranaki

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New to Taranaki, it’s uniqueness sparks my imagination to create original artworks, rich in colour and texture. Stories intrigue me and often inspire artworks. Real stories about the miracle of nature and human experiences as well as imagined stories, and those in between - myths and legends. A professional artist for 22 years - I love working in various artistic mediums. I start my artworks by drawing a concept. From this point, the artwork evolves… taking on it’s own ‘personality’. I grew up in a creative home: my father was a professional painter & sculptor and my mother, a weaving teacher. In my art degree, I majored in painting; then worked as an illustrator for the next two decades. I have come full circle and am now focusing on painting again. I am thrilled to be part of the Taranaki Arts Trail for the first time and invite you to visit my studio.

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