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North Taranaki

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..RESIDENT GALLERY, is the recent response of a Nomadic Artist [milarky] adapting to a societal shift in the inability to effectively hold nomadism as the fundamental aspect of a practice. 
Having spent the last decade prior opening his Gallery [which opened 20th August 2020] deep amongst a Nomadist method of researching and developing work [including a Masters Degree completed 2018] the Artist responded to the Globally introduced limit of mobility with his first Exhibition in his Gallery titled ‘Sedentarisation’. He has since had a total of 6 sold out solo Exhibitions in this space with the most recent ‘Innertia’ being delivered as his ‘last painting exhibition of 2021’. Since then, the Gallery Space has been taken over as an expansion of his neighbouring studio space, the MILARKY LABORATORIES’ to develop two upcoming ‘secret’ projects.
The Gallery space will be reset as a Gallery, and the Lab tided [hiding away the secret projects], to have both open to the Public during the ArtsTrail