Lester Earl


White Sails Gallery
35 Ocean View Parade




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021 734690
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Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Wheelchair accessible

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North Taranaki

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Lester Earl's aim as an artist is to capture the mood and essence of a scene, and to convey an idea of its character. His landscapes, which could be described as expressionistic, do not portray accurate details, but are a combination of imagination and observation. Rather than being purely illustrative, his paintings are an expression of what he sees and feels, and aim to make an initial appeal to the viewer while retaining their interest upon repeat viewings. Through his work, he seeks to grow awareness about the lasting visible beauty of Taranaki's unique rugged landscape.

His creative process involves working mainly with acrylics but also experimenting with various mixed media, which sometimes involves taking risks and making mistakes. He approaches his work with intuition and a willingness to adapt to changes in medium, style, and subject matter.

As he has gained experience and confidence over the years, he has become increasingly adventurous in his artistic approach, continually seeking new ways to convey his personal vision, and translating his observations and emotions into mesmerising and unique pieces of art.

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