Jan Huijbers


5A Wayne Place




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 06 7536104
URL: Visit Website


Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Wheelchair accessible

Toilet facilities available

Art Trail

North Taranaki

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Oceanic art is inspired by the patterns found on sea creatures. These patterns do not uphold universal ideas of what art is or what it is for.

My designs appear to be abstract at first glance but they may denote specific species or mythological figures.

People from the art world may share assumptions about the general character and effect of images and art forms, but I prefer my work to be seen in a different light more as a symbolic awareness about what lives out there in the Ocean to be nurtured and preserved.

Even though the seed of the idea may be random, I develop and polish it into a tighter and cleaner form. The outcome with its unpredictable visual relationships is often surprising.  This is what I like about it.