Viv Davy


18 Halse Place





Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021 407 424
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Studio is open during the year

Toilet facilities available

Art Trail

South Taranaki

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Situated facing both the mighty Tasman Ocean and the majestic Taranaki Maunga, Viv's practice draws on this environment for both materials and inspiration.

Natural fibers and pigments are worked together in contemplative slow making processes that resonate with the rhythms and patterns of her natural world. Weaving, stitching, casting, knitting and assembling these materials create unique expressions ranging from large wall works through to intimate meditation "hand books".

Housed in the studio space is a collection of handlooms ranging from basic frame looms through to a complex 70 harness Swedish drawloom. These looms will be threaded and operational for demonstration purposes during the Arts Trail.

Other creative excursions are finely knitted, intricate wire works, which are manipulated into sculptures and small wall works. These often include handmade papers and stitched works.

Supplies of botanically dyed papers, threads, yarns and fabrics are also available.