Rosemary Petterson


22 Dixon St


Mixed Media


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 027 3597524
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Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

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West Taranaki

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Rosemary Petterson has been a practising artist and visual storyteller for the last 17 years. I sculpt in a variety of media including steel, wood, wax, 3D printing, paint and plastic. Though I use a wide variety of media the main focus throughout my art practice is largely to do with identity and how we relate to both the physical and spiritual worlds. My most recent work has been an intuitive paint pouring process exploring symbolism, sacred geometry and colour frequency. I use this process to connect what is physical and what is spiritual and explore identity as I exist in both the seen realm and the unseen realm. Engaging what I’ve been learning about both Hebraic and Māori creation concepts and whakapapa. Rosemary works from her home studio in Ōākura, Taranaki. Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture major) 2006 - Otago Polytechnic School of Art Post Grad Dip. Design (Animation/Digital Sculpture) 2013 - Massey University

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