Penny Brooks


826 Manaia Road




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 027 336 9524
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Studio will be open for the full 10 days

Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Wheelchair accessible

Art Trail

South Taranaki

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I started my journey into photography when my children were babies but as life got busy, it was pushed into the background. Many many years later, while living in Australia, my interest was reawakened with the gift of a digital camera and I began my journey back into full time study completing a Diploma in Photoimaging (Photography). Having bred and exhibited Rough & Bearded Collies for 40 years - dogs became a huge part of my work, but wildlife has always been my passion. I love to capture animals doing what they love and in a natural setting. As time went on, I have been concentrating on mainly wildlife and particularly African animals. I have been lucky to have numerous trips to Africa and looking forward to 2 months there in July 2022 so will have lots of new images for this Trail. Covid forced me into concentrating on NZ wildlife as well and this has been very rewarding, with Wild Deer, Kaimanawa Wild Horses, and lots of Birding. I would love for you to see my photography as I Tell the Story - with Love and Passion.