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Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

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North Taranaki

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My art is ultimate reflect of people's emotion. Painting and drawing give me the ability to communicate non-verbally as sometimes emotion does not fit in words. Art has helped me in every single stage of my life and I believe it’s my mission to convey this support to the viewers of my works. Art is not only a hobby to me but is the way of life; it’s a way to communicate, a way to helping others.

Started my art from early childhood which I could express my feelings by painting, however nowadays I feel the importance of art more than ever. In a world that we currently cannot even be in touch with each other in person, art can boost people’s mood and feelings more than ever.

I am completely self taught, working with a variety of medium such as oil paint, charcoal powder, acrylic and graphite pencil.

Received two NZ national awards and also selected as finalist candidate for Parkin awards 2019, I am motivated more than ever. I look forward to seeing you all in my home studio to share my passion for art.