Krismarlianti Donaldson


30 Ngatai Street




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022 1696151
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Studio will be open for the full 10 days

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South Taranaki

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Kris is known as an outgoing person but she more than often feels not acknowledged and self-doubt. For her, people and the world are cruel and do not make sense and life is messy, chaotic, random, and painful. Nonetheless, she believes that life is the human journey to find purpose, meaning, and to know ourselves. She brings all her feelings and experiences to her artworks and writing. Most of them talk about the deepest meaning of every reality, human behavior, the chaos of life, and how humans try to find their meaning and purpose in their life. Kris is spontaneous and bold. Her dynamic and expressive nature are evident in her paintings. She believes that art should be honest, bold, and disturbing. Art like life needs to be honest, bold, and disturbing to make us realize and think about who we are, what life is, and the universe. Her artworks invite us to think deeply and shamelessly about life, humanity, and ourselves. They ask us questions about our life, our relationship with others and the universe. We will notice the bold colors, depth, and wild lines in her artworks. Art gives her meaning and purpose in life. She feels complete and content when she is doing art. For her, the studio and blank canvas are the space to contemplate and be honest with her wildest mind. She never imagines her life without art. It accepts her with no condition. There’s no rejection in art because art is life, life is art, and I am art.

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