Kate Maree Thomas


210b Frankley Road
Frankleigh Park
New Plymouth




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 027 7686413

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Kate Maree resides in New Plymouth. She attended WITT and WelTec, receiving a Bachelor of Creative Technology in 2016. Her collection of works are each cut from a single sheet of paper, an art-style known as papercutting.
This style uses only positive and negative space to create images. Like many other mediums, it begins with a blank piece of paper, but unlike painting or drawing you don’t add to the paper, you remove; deleting the parts you don’t need to form the shapes that were always hidden in the blank sheet.
The designs Kate Maree creates feature strange buildings and structures that create strange scenes that are oddly devoid of occupants, yet still clearly occupied and filled with many opportunities. Her works are the evolution of designs she has been crafting since childhood and encapsulate stories from her imagination.