Hayley Elliott-Kernot


31 Blagdon Road
New Plymouth




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022 1002976
URL: Visit Website


Studio open by appointment outside the trail days

Art Trail

North Taranaki

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The common thread that influences all my creative work is ‘stories’, from my love of reading and writing, to illustrating children’s books, to my continuing passion for mythology, history and legends. I am still exploring and developing my style but the majority of my paintings tend to focus on portraits as I am drawn to the countless stories behind a face. I have two quite different artistic paths with children's books and oil paintings. Both are equally important to me. My children’s books feel social and give me a connection to the community whereas my paintings are a personal journey of self-exploration. One focuses outwards and the other inwards, I find it is a good balance. Over the arts trail I am available to sign books and write a personal message within to the children (or adults) that will be receiving them.