Connor Smith


JD Reid Gallery
33a Devon Street West
New Plymouth




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Connor Smith is an abstract photographic artist, who prints his work onto acrylic panels. Through careful manipulation of existing light, Connor utilises his camera to craft abstract art which is both thematically rich and visually dynamic. Eschewing Photoshop, Connor balances brightness, contrast and saturation to create his work. Drawing inspiration from his love of cinema, and in particular the work of Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky: Connor’s approach to his art is contemplative, both reflective of life and also dreamlike in execution, and seeks to portray the beauty in normalcy and the overlooked. The depiction of emotional ambiguity and subsequent personal reconciliation is a theme recurrent in Connor’s recent work. It is the artist’s hope that everybody will discover their own individual importance and understanding from his artwork, and find a unique connection; in an inimitable way in which only abstract art can truly facilitate. In March 2018, Connor received an award at Percy Thomson’s inaugural Emergence Awards, celebrating young and upcoming artists.