Alice Cowdrey


LUMEN Studios & Gallery
1729 South Road




Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0278905042
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Alice Cowdrey is an Oakura-based textile artist who specialises in needle felting. She mostly works with sheep’s wool to felt works of art but also incorporates knitting, embroidery and stitching. Alice looks to nature, animals and folk art for inspiration and likes to tell stories which incorporate her Eastern European ancestry, myth and spirituality. Alice took up needle felting eight years a go and although she mostly works with Corriedale wool, she also incorporates fabrics, cotton, beads, possum fur, human hair, feathers and other natural materials into her work. Needle felting is a dry felting technique where a barbed needle is used to repeatedly jab fibres. This process tangles and compacts the fibres together. The needle is used as a sculptural tool to create flat or three-dimensional pieces of art. Alice is a co-founder of Lumen Studios & Gallery, Tataraimaka, which is home to her studio.