Emma Glucina

I am particularly interested in presence which is often apparent through what is left in its absence.

I use casting and mould-making as a method to create abstracted sculptural forms to capture moments, gestures and traces relating to the human body and the environment. Think of footprints in the sand, or perhaps the tide coming in and washing it all away.

I have a desire to capture a moment in time, and find sentimentality within the ephemeral nature of everyday life.

With a diverse practice including photography, drawing and sculpture, particularly castings; I make casts from plaster, to concrete, bronze, glass and more.

Located in the CBD my studio is above Chaos Cafe. It is upstairs and has no wheelchair access.

Studio open by appointment outside of the Trail.

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Emma Glucina

36 Brougham Street, New Plymouth
(027) 916 9872



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