pip Guthrie

My day job is a professional photographer and videographer, as it has been for most of my life. I am very lucky in that sense that I never have had to find a passion or “hobby” after work. My art work is ironic and iconic, sometimes abstract, its tactile, its documentitive, its influenced by work I do daily. Industrial and coastal landscapes and situations are shot quickly my intuition has always been my guide. I experiment with techniques and surfaces to print on - metal and wood, also with film and audio visual. My weekend studio is on Ngamotu Beach a place I played as a child, my Mum still lives up the road. The Mikotahi 1st Sea Scout Hall is located next to the New Plymouth Yacht Club on Ngamotu Beach. Excellent parking
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pip Guthrie

Mikotahi Hall Ocean View Parade Ngamotu Beach
027 4533 968

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