Mike Spencer

Lynn and I have been making pottery full-time since 1973.   We have no formal arts training; in fact (in another life, long ago!) Lynn was a geneticist and I was an English teacher—but we learnt from books and trial and error.   Our kitchen and tableware is our own interpretation of many traditional forms and making methods, mostly thrown on the wheel but also including press-moulding and hand-building.  

For many years, we fired with wood, enjoying the subtle effects of the flame and ash on the work; more recently we’ve been making high-fired white stoneware and porcelain fired in an electric kiln, with a range of clear intense colours.

We want to encourage the enjoyment of hand-made pottery as a daily part of people’s lives. We want people to take pots away and use them; not just put them on a shelf to look at.
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Mike Spencer

20 Upper Kaihihi Road, Okato, Taranaki 4335
027 873 5168



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