Ceri Chisholm

Acrylic painting is an adventure of colour, technique, materials, and subject matter. It's main challenge is to create meaningful images that are aesthetically interesting; and able to communicate intangibles, themes and ideas. It is also important that each work is original, unique, and that I learn something new by creating it.

As well as being exploratory, my art practice is technically rigorous. I use grids (based on Greek ideals of proportion) to structure and order individual paintings and provide cohesion between works in a series. I maintain vibrancy of colour, through juxtaposition, tonal contrast, and the use of complementary hues (not black) for mixing and shadows.

I welcome visitors during The Taranaki Arts Trail. My studio is also open throughout the year (by appointment) and - with tertiary qualifications in design, art history and education - I also offer individual lessons in drawing and painting.

Some parking is available down the ROW.

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Ceri Chisholm

21B Parkvue Drive, Bell Block
027 755 4334

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