Susan Imhasly

The material felt itself is the inspiration for my art work. It is the alchemy of the felting process during which loose, fragile wool fibres turn into a solid fabric just through heat, humidity and friction that fascinates me.

I chose animal fibres as the material for my art because it offers the versatility to create fine art objects, garments, fashion accessories and interior design.

I like to push boundaries and find out what is the limit of this very basic, natural material using both traditional nomadic and modern felt making techniques.

At the moment my interest focuses on creating 2D art, using just white and black wool in a minimalistic, abstract form. Through the felting process those black and white fibres intertwine and this results in different shades of grey.

Studio is open all year round by appointment. A wide range of workshops are available. Parking only down drive for disabled.

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Susan Imhasly

294A Surrey Hill Road, RD 4, Oakura 4374
027 976 6586

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