Dora Baker

Painting is when I lose track of time, when I see the magic that is nature, the texture of a leaf, the richness of colour in a flower, the sparkling raindrop, the amazing structure of a plant. How can they all be so different?? Then there is the sheen on the feathers of our native birds, the delicate beauty of butterflies, the intricate veining on the wings of dragonflies and the reflections on the water's surface.  The challenge of capturing this is my passion.
The mediums I work in are watercolour, acrylic or polychromos pencil depending on what I am painting, where I am and the outcome I wish to achieve. My love of plants drives my urge to capture their beauty in the preciseness of botanical illustration.
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Dora Baker

3 Edinburgh St, Patea 4520
027 201 9687



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