Dimphy de Vaan

Surrounded by luscious green panoramic views, my  countryside home studio is where I get to let go and express myself.
Age 6, my parents took me to a museum and I saw my first Van Gogh. It had a profound effect on me.
For the longest time, art, of any kind, has been a means for me to deal with the noise of life. The work was my therapy, my expression. But it rarely saw the light of day.
Then, someone wanted my work on their wall. Then another. Eventually, so much so that they wanted to exchange legal tender for it. It was a strange, but ultimately validating experience for me.
I work in many mediums; paint (abstract, impressionism), sculpture, weaving, and forever exploring new techniques and styles. I also teach.
I look forward to seeing you at my studio for a complementary cuppa and a chat.

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Dimphy de Vaan

159 Makara Road, RD10, Inglewood
027 6346749




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