Jeanette Benton

Since a child I have always created art. I have even designed a home. If you are interested I can show you pictures of such. Picasso said "art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life." I don't like dust!
This is the first time that my work will be viewed by the public. It will certainly be interesting to see their reactions! I am hoping it will be a breath of fresh air and they will go away smiling. One creation is called 'Tragedy in Repose.' There is another piece called the 'Gallaxy.' Made of bits and pieces and thingies! Op shops are my favourite hunting ground! That's me! Hopefully your curiousity is aroused!
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Jeanette Benton

314 Henwood Road, RD 2, New Plymouth
027 7550005


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North Taranaki

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