MiSun Kim

MiSun is a Korean Artist using Korean Traditional ink on rice paper.
She wanted to express the feelings of our inner-selves from the inspirations she got from the universe and the nature and most importantly from God.

MiSun’s main subjects are pine cones and pine needles.
There are a lot of Asian drawings you can find in New Zealand. But you never can find a work like MiSun Kim. She is the only one using pine cones and needles as subjects for the drawings in the entire world. It‘s unique and as you put it so clever. Drawings or pictures show the artists’ true self in their works. Therefore her works are showing her true self who wants to help people who are in needs through her works.

She used acrylic in some of her works. Because one of her goals is that someday she can show a new genre of integrated arts of eastern and western world.
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MiSun Kim

4 French St, Moturoa
021 2627019




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