Jana Branca

For as long as I can remember I have loved painting. I love the way it smells, feels and sits on a surface like skin. 

I am drawn to the dichotomy of creating an impression, whilst celebrating the actual mediums used as it’s ‘fabric’- the paint, brush and canvas. 

I have recently relocated to New Zealand and the unusual experience of meeting hundreds of new people in a very short period of time has sparked a new direction in my work. 

Currently I am exploring our restrictions of ‘Being Known’ through a series of large portraits. My painting process involves building the picture plane with brush strokes and leaving parts of the canvas undeveloped emulating the effect that the progression of time has on our dynamic ‘character’. I want to enable the viewer to trace my brush, offering them a ‘window’ into the past whilst illuminating the obscurity of it.
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Jana Branca

838 Mangorei Rd, Mangorei 4371
027 5403850

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