Vicky Taylor

I am actually a qualified veterinarian.  However, recently I was unable to continue to practice due to depression.  Through this I used art as a tool to help improve my mental health.  Then my art changed from a tool to help me, into a deep love and passion.  Since my career revolved around animals, my art reflects this. My passion for animals and many years in Veterinary Practise has allowed me understand the body structure, movements and emotions of animals which comes out in my art work.
My current focus  is Pyrography.  It is a process of burning onto wood.  My wood burner allows me to vary the type of tip used, the temperature, or the way the iron is applied to the wood  to create different effects.  Also ability to use the grain, colour, different shapes and sizes of wood enhances my art work.
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Vicky Taylor

669 Beaconsfield Road, RD 24, Stratford
027 9252484

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