Brigitte Calloway

Some people are lucky to have an awesome life. I am one of them. I was lucky enough to be born in a family of artists, painters, ceramists, potters...lucky to have amazing children, lucky to marry Ian Calloway, an over the moon talented painter... lucky to be nurtured and accepted by arts galleries, lucky again to do for living what I love most.

As a sculptor, I express the beauty of human bodies in my pieces of work. Clay and porcelain became an extension of my hands and I always enjoyed the coldness of them and the transformation of a raw lump of clay into a metaphor of a human body. I love clay because of its primal simplicity that contains infinite metaphorical potential. Therefore I attempt my works to speak of transformation, genesis and decay of human bodies.

I share a space in Ian's studio in Inglewood.

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Brigitte Calloway

87a Rata Street, Inglewood
021 1805147

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