Alana Clarke

My work is inspired by the natural world around me - atmospheric landscapes and botanicals. I am fortunate to live in Taranaki, where there is no shortage of impressive scenery to excite. I aim to capture the emotion of a setting, in particular the quality of light, which is a vital part of the mood of a painting. 

My approach is intuitive. My paintings predominantly in oils, tend to grow by themselves and are as much about the medium, and the process of creation than the final artwork itself. They are loosely planned, evolving through gestural mark-making and layering, scraping back and re-drawing. I am compelled to produce an emotional response to a place, rather than an accurate visual record. For the viewer I offer a glimpse into a remembered reality but also hope to invoke memories and own personal interpretations. 

Parking down drive is limited. Disabled parking only please.

My studio is open by appointment during the rest of the year.

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Alana Clarke

76 Cutfield Road, New Plymouth
(022) 427 4182

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