Amanda Hewlett

As an artist, I aim to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the challenges that face us as a nation. Research is an important part of the development of these concepts. Historical documents, including diaries and images form the basis of this process. Themes I have worked on include: our changing identity as a nation, cultural / generational differences, and our relationship to and use of the natural environment.
With each painting I aim to create a work that has beauty and is also thought provoking.
My techniques include multiple fine layers of paint that lead to the work reflecting different colours as the light on it changes, and etching into /rubbing back the painted surface. In addition to New Zealand, my work has been exhibited in France, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

My work can also be viewed at the curated exhibition Home Work: Taranaki Art 2017 at Puke Ariki and at my exhibition UNCOVERED at the Mokau Museum.

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Amanda Hewlett

69 Buller St, New Plymouth, New Zealand
06 757 2065

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