Amanda Hewlett

As an artist, I am interested in what defines us as New Zealanders. The stories, events, and people, that have helped create the NZ identity and how this is evolving. Research is an important part of the development of these concepts, historical documents, including diaries and images are part of this process. With each painting I aim to create a work that has beauty and is also thought provoking. 
My process includes using multiple fine layers of paint, that lead to the work reflecting different colours as the light on it changes, and etching into /rubbing back the painted surface.
New works: following on from the James K Baxter exhibition, the Mokau Museum series, and the paintings from the exhibition Blue Lies and Homage at the Percy Thomson Gallery in March 2018, visitors to my studio will see new works exploring the life, history and beauty of some of the islands around our coastline.
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Amanda Hewlett

69 Buller St, New Plymouth, New Zealand
027 3436206

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